1st post! – Wordle Helper

I recently discovered (late-to-the-party as usual) Wordle.

So like any engineer would: I spent a couple of hours writing some software to help.

Feel free to have a go: WordleHelperV1

It’s written/compiled in PureBasic 5.73, and should run on any Windows 32/64 bit machine. If you want to add more words, just add them to the text file ‘words.txt’ which should get installed into the same directory as the program.

1. Press the “Load ‘words.txt’ List” button, this will load the words.txt file into memory, then parse out all the 5 letter words, capitalise them and display them.

2. Set the status of each letter (A-Z) depending on what is in your Wordle, and as you play your Wordle.
If the letter is yellow, then select ‘Used (yellow)’, and tick the location(s) it is shown on your Wordle.

3. When you start a new Wordle, press “Reset A-Z (below)” button, if you reload the list, press the “Parse List” button to re-parse the list with the letter rules you have defined in step 2.

Words.txt was found on-line (twl06.txt?) and may contain adult words.

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